Repost: On the Flash

Made on SATURDAY, AUGUST 1, 2009

On the Flash means what i am looking froward to (at current time). These scans are from the pages of the 'Oh, So Fancy!' scrapbook. I Begun making this part on 18th July 2009 and it was finished on 1st August 2009. There were so many changes on some pages, quite tiring but I loved doing. Yeah, this thing like a list of things I liked or whatever.

  1. Heavy Metal Manicure
  2. V-Neck Shirts, Harem Pants, and Strappy Heels/Wedges
  3. Christopher Kane-Mandrill Tee, and Lace Up Wedges
  4. Tom Binns Pieces!!!
  5. Junya Watanabe Comme Des Gracons (excuse for the misspelled "length" haha!)
  6. Boyfriend Cut Jeans
  7. Lanvin Spring Summer 2009
  8. Necklaces with Stones Accent
  9. Quirky Tops and Flowy Skirts
  10. Nice Vacations
  11. Eye-Poping stuff

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