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This is a reposted post from my Viva La Mode blog
posted on MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2009
with some changes added

I used to have my scrapbooking days, where I so much expressing my ideas, and put what inspires me back then. I don't do so much scrapbooking these days. I almost never did it anymore. These weren't just my scrapbooks cause at the time I made this post, I was just started a new scrapbook that called "The Trash" which a really trashy one. It's my 6th scrapbooks, and it filled mostly with random things and some failed printed papers. And now in 2012, I have some journals which aren't as expressive as the scrapbooks I featured here. Now, I kind of miss doing art-related activities, and I think scrapbooking is one of the activities which can stimulates some new, fresh, ideas, and many other concepts. So I try to reminisce those moments I enjoyed doing on this post. 

It's the Mannequin World!

This is my very first official scrapbook ever. It was started on November 2006. I made this one because at that time, I wanted to feature my first favourite supermodels such as; Gemma Ward, Lily Cole, and Lily Donaldson. This scrapbook reveals my first attraction to fashion photography. the other pages also filled with fashion collages, fashion photographs, skandar keynes; my celebrity crush from the past,  a little bit of fashion-y pictures of myself (before I wore hijab), and some of my favourite song lyrics at the end section of the book. But most of all, this book is about models. Because this book is a kind of binder one, i could fill more, & more paper. And now it looks like want to explode! I think I couldn't add more works here. Moreover, I am not so into models anymore now. 

The Sluurp!! Book

We bought this book together at Gramedia Book Store, Dago. The book was started on august 2007 made by me and my charmingly awkward chum named Nezza (the name alias of Nisa on this book) when we were on the 9th grade in junior high school. The cover was designed since we were on the 7th grade, it was put on another book of us which was filled with our melodramatic poetries. The pictures which put there are pictures from the first time we met until us nowadays. This book is totally silly because we put our crushes pictures there, some random cuties, things we like, hideous stuff, meaningful lyrics, historical soundtracks, etc. This reveals so much about our friendship journey, and how far we've grown up. Actually, there are still some blank pages. Let's see how revealing this book will be.

Urban Papier Noir

This probably the coolest book I've ever had at current time. I liked it because the papers are black, and I've never torned any of the sheet. I had a joyful times dropping my days on these dark papers. It actually filled with random things... and this one is started no longer after 'the sluurp!! book'. 40 sheets of it made this book fulled easily. 

A Red Book

This notebook is a bonus from the debut of Elle Indonesia, I started it on March 2008. It's sooo sleek and chic! It might be the most clean, the tidiest, and the most formal one. Cause I sort of arranged it like a page in a magazine. Every papers in it was typed, less handwriting. This red book will mostly talk around art, fashion & photography. Nothing so far from those topics. It also includes some of my  inspirations back then. I haven't updated this one for such a long time.

Oh, So Fancy!

This one is the most fancy scrapbook of mine among of all, I think. Because the papers are colorful, the covers (which designed by myself) are also fancy; the front cover has extended cover. I started this on July 2008, and there are still blank papers to fill on. I filled it just like what I did on my 'Urban Papier Noir' book. It's sticked to the freedom concept.

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