Tribal Clutch

Yay! finally!  I got this tribal clutch. Out of 7 choices I was destined to have just the same like Annisa's: here. I didn't expect to get the same like her because my mom bought it. This issue is fantastic, just like Gogirl! Magazine always does. The articles, fashion spreads, are just getting better and better. Since I am in the need of clutch which could be slung so much, I added this orange tie to it! And voila! Here's the result:
Fashion Formula:
Minimal shirt (worn here) + Mango cardigan + Green army trousers + Minicci camel socks + Snowfly London orange loafers + Cotton striped jilbab from Annisa + Clutch is bonus from Gogirl! Magazine August 2011 issue
Purple magnetic board
I've put the Ramadhan High-Way Code since last year made by Islamic Posters! I hadn't took it off cause it's not just useful during the Ramadhan only. But for everyday life, also.

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