Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows (Part II)

I've finally witnessed one of the legendary films ever made: Harry Potter (and the Deathly Hallows Part 2) today!~ Yes, after many obstacles attacking cinema business in this country. Even though I'm also a fan of this film, I can't pretty much conclude about the whole thing like the Potterheads. The trace I felt after watching it was just not as exciting as part 1. Maybe it's because of the effect reading people's view who mentioned it through twitter and some scenes of the film posted on tumblr. So, I already knew some scenes of the film. I am quite disappointed knowing it has to end that way in the last sequel of Harry Potter film. No big deal, I am no film critic.   

I went to the cinema with Hutri. Before that, we had a project to shoot Hutri's hijab collections for her shop at my parent's house. Look at her jilbab! it's FUCHSIA! J'adore.
My Fashion Formula:
Mango "The Killer Femmes" shirt + Vest from EST. + White jeans + Nylon tote + Inside flats + Floral scarf from Moshaict 
Annisa's Tribal patterned clutch from Gogirl! magazine August 2011 Bonus
at the restaurant which made us waited 2 hours long to get our dinner
Hutri, Annisa, and Hasna
Look how large the photobooth is!
Here is the sneak peek of Hutri's hijab shop:
Full collection: here.

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