Hanne Wannabe | An Intro

Colourmefuschia is Hanne wannabe!
I'm really sorry. After this post, I'll be spamming you all with 6 posts featuring myself as Hanne Gaby Odiele wannabe. Yes, Hanne is one of my favourite models, and of course one of my style muses. I'm a huge fan for her layering skill. All these outfit posts are just a part from playing dressing up. So, you might see me wearing some of these outfits on the street. I've been intended to impose her style since I saw her wearing the tribalism Dries Van Noten head-to-toe, long before I'm covered. It's coincidentally that when I saw her "off-duty" clothes are reminding me of my owns. So I started imagining to make some looks which are inspired by Hanne's style. From its pieces, colour palettes, and from many more aspects. The cream coloured jilbab also represents her blonde hair! Hahaha~      

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