Hijabi Fashion Scraps

Freja in Vogue Paris
I had a huge adoration for the model; Freja Beha Erichsen when I was in middle school or when I started my freshman year in high school. That's why I have loads of her fashion pictures for my styling/photo references. When I altered my fashion journal book became 'hijabi' journal book, I started to think about to portray the pictures I had into the hijabi way too. But I only use some coloured markers/pencils unlike Hana's sophisticated hijabi sketches. I think I should study from her skill here. Made one day at the end of 2010 

Freja in Vogue Paris 
Freja in Vogue Paris 
Freja in Vogue Paris 
Snejana Onopka in Vogue Italia
1. Freja in (unknown)
2. Freja, Irina, and Coco at DVF backstage
Freja in different type of fashion shoots
Freja in Harpers Bazaar
Freja in (unknown)
Freja for Chanel's campaign
1. Freja in an (unknown)'s campaign
2. Teenvogue's fashion shoots, Prada's runway sporting the silk turban
1. Suvi Koponen in Balenciaga's campaign (all time favourite)
2. Ali Michael on Christopher Kane's runway
3. Chanel tortoise ring
4.  Silver flats 
Gemma Ward in Vogue Paris
(I only added black marker on her neck! >.<)
Freja in an (unknown)'s campaign
1. V magazine's fashion editorial: First Signs of Spring
2. Sasha Pivovarova smiling in hijab collage
3. Balenciaga's campaign
1. Gemma Ward in Harpers Bazaar
2. Bette Franke in a fashion editorial
3. Snejana Onopka in Vogue Italia
4. Freja and Lily Cole
Heather Marks in red hijab
1. Black hijabi formula (works in so many different way!)
2. Beanies + Hijab at DKNY (my version) campaign
1. at the backstage
2. Sasha Pivovarova
3. Ai Tominaga in a fashion show
3. Bette Franke in Jil Sander
Mixed up fashion pictures


  1. These drawings are soo cute mA! ^.^

  2. Sluff
    Salaam, Sluff!
    really?! I'm so glad to hear that! :)
    thanks for the feedback.