June 2011 Playlist

Here is my top playlist this June which could be said that these tracks are over-repeated in this month. When you like one song, are you repeating it over and over again until you get sick of it? Well, that's what I do! LOL.
1. Glee Casts (Kurt) - Blackbird
I soon like this song when I watched Glee in this episode. I had one day that I only played this song for a whole day! I realized it when my sisters said to me: "OMG you still play this song since this morning?!" Haha... I couldn't help it! I really feel like crying and enjoy at the same time on the part 1'04"-1'117".
2. Antonio Vivaldi - La primavera (Spring) in E
Part 2'51" - 3'03" is my favourite! I feel like flying on that part.
3. Porcelain Raft - Moonwalk
The first time I listened to this song... I feel like this is the chillest song on earth and it seemed like everything's just so damn fine! I keep repeating this track on the day I had my prom night. The rhythm dances me, and it's just the type of Porcelain Raft's music gives. I've always enjoyed hearing his songs. Favourite part: 1'13", but mostly overall!
4. John Mayer - Daughters
The lyrics! the acoustic guitar! and Mr. Mayer's voice! you know that feeling when his songs soothe you...
5. Soulvibe - Biarlah
This song was introduced by my friend Lestari, like she always used to. Me and my pals are a sort of like a jazz lover. We mostly enjoy sang together to some jazz music like Maliq and the Essentials, Soulvibe, RAN, Olivia Ong, and many more.
6. Lady Gaga - Judas
My friend Wahyu; as a Lady Gaga lover told me about this song! And I liked it since the first time I listened to it. Favourite part: 0'37"-0'51".
7. Katy Perry - Futuristic Lover
I knew this song when I played tap tap revenge 4! Haha... and I think it's enjoyable to be listened to. My favourite part is: 0'16"-0'18".

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