Today I've just finished all the important exams like I've told you on the previous post. The last test I got was "Drawing Test" at ITB. Wish me luck to be accepted in FSRD ITB because, I really want to study textile there! I've done my best, and I must be tawakkal whatever the result will be. Cause I believe Allah Will always Give the best for us when we have tried our best. After the test, I went with my mom. 

By the way... I've just realized that the 'fuschia' here is actually misspelled x_x. The word 'fuschia' is actually should be 'fuchsia'. Let me know if you're annoyed with this mistaken (I feel annoyed myself!). OH! in the eleventh hour~

Here's what I wore:
Fashion Formula:
Black tank top + Zara cropped sparkly shirt+ Black Lina maxi skirt + Thrifted belt + Minicci camel socks (my favourite!) + Tracce yellow sandals + dior joaillerie-ish ring :P + Jilbab from Alisha

When I was at Time bookshop, I found so many books I desire to read (I suddenly became inspired after reading a tagline from Gramedia which says:"Read Book Everyday"). Then, I found one book that made my heart stopped a while (just hyperbolic). AND THIS IS THAT HEART STOPPER:
When I look at the back...
I laughed quietly to myself! That's so me. And I purchased it.

Lord! I was speechless when I saw this pair of beauties when my facebook friend; Lutaw Riz ( tagged me this picture. "Hermes for Vans" OH. MY. LORD. Unbelievable! am I seeing a pair of comfortable every-day shoe with BIRDS printed on it??? This will be on my top unrealistic wishlist.
Vans X Hermes by Robert Verdi.

~Many projects have to be done~

Track of the moment : Ludwig van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata: Adagio Sostenuto (I feel like it really connects my feeling, and my life right now! what a beautiful and alive sounds he made)

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