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Here comes the Volendam town; our very first destination located in the north of Holland. The town's architecture recalled my childhood memory of something that wasn't realistic; Doll's house, the scenes in one cartoon show, etc. The houses are organized well, and Volendam has cracked my perception about the view which I thought it's only existed in the toy land. 

Lunch place
My menu @ Fish & Chips Volendam | B&W portrait taken by Tabitha
Breakfast, lunch, dinner by the harbour
After lunch, my friends and I look up to some souvenirs around. Well, I found many things I wanted to buy but then I got to save up money since there were still many places to go. Once, we entered one store, and the shopkeeper greeted us in Bahasa Indonesia! No wonder, 3.5 century of bitter relationship (for Indonesia) between the Netherlands and Indonesia, both of countries have contributed in some way within each cultures. After visiting some shops, I wanted to buy postcards, and some keychains in the shop where the shopkeeper can speak a little bit of Bahasa. But too bad, my bad perception towards the Dutch started here. The total of my purchase was 6 euro 30 cents. I gave her 10 euro + 1 euro + 50 cents. The cashier made a fool of me for the change. It was the first time I used my own euros, plus, at that time I was in hurry because the timing was almost near to the gathering at the meeting point, and I'm so slow at counting so.. yeah, she fooled me for not giving back my 5 euro, and only gave me 20 cents. When I realized,  I have left the shop, and be quickly to get back to the shop and asked her. Too bad, she said I gave her 5 euro, not 10 euro. Whereas, I still remembered I gave the red one, not the green one. My own fault! I posed with  my stupidity and that 20 euro at the meeting point instead. 
That 20 cents! | by Ica
Moral of the story: 
  1. Please be conscientious when you travel especially out of your own country. Before paying what you want to buy, do calculate the whole, and checked which money you're going to use. And don't be scared asking if there's something wrong, and always ask for the shopping receipts. If they said there's no receipts, then asked why would they have the cash register.
  2. (Esp. for Asians/African) Don't be easily impressed by the Caucasian because they *seem* to have better  physical appearance (some Asians would think so), or acted nicely. Be nice to everyone regardless their race, their belief, but don't think that those with better physical appearance are better than ourselves. Islam, then again brought me peace, because Allaah SWT only look up to the inner side of our heart, not our outer form, prosperity, how we dress, etc. Simply then, what makes a person good is surely their heart.
  3. Islam teaches the balance of the both world, but when we're focusing on the hereafter, in syaa Allaah, we would get both sides of the worlds! When someone tried to beat you up in the dunya, then think again of what's more important: the real life after death. 
Next destination after Volendam was.. the Zaanse Schan. The place of the clogs-making, traditional wind mills, cheese factory, and the 'oh so Dutch' atmosphere.
My portrait taken by Tabitha | I really liked that blurry effect on me!
@ Catharina Hoeve | She demonstrated how the cheese was made
My outfit and preparation from Bandung: White short sleeved shirt + Jean buttons down + Boyfriend jeans + Ankle-length leggings + Black high knee socks + Black inner ninja + Black pashmina (styled loosely) + Brown oxfords + Black leather backpack + Large canvas shopping bag 

After entering the plane, I buttoned up the jean shirt and wear that furry jacket that I found in a thrift market. Below, when I was in Zaanse Schans, I put off my jacket to experience the chill wind of Europe. ('Zaanse Schans', b&w portrait of me on the .gif, and the three of my outfit photos were taken by Tabitha)
Outside Catharina Hoeve
Evening view in Amsterdam
After the cities tour, we had a dinner in a Chinese restaurant, and then we finally checked in to the hotel. 

All photos were taken and edited by me, unless stated otherwise 


  1. Ohmygaaawd, I live in Holland haha! Hope you had a nice time here! Xx

    1. Hii! thank you for stopping by! Yes, surely I had a nice time there.. I honestly wich to get back to Amsterdam! :D
      which city do you live in, by the way?