One Fair Day

"It only takes one person to change your life: YOU." (source)

Word is simply a sophisticated ingredient to create magic. I love how these words can flew me off from a dark stale room to the brightest clear blue sky with the sun shines endlessly, lovingly. Yesterday I read a post from one of my favourite Indonesian authors; Darwis Tere Liye. The title of the post that I read was: *Jodoh Terbaik, which means *Best Mate (I know it sounds weird to be translated, eh?). Perhaps, at the first time you read the title, you would think that my concern go to some romance I've been longing for with the XX. But  sorry to say, I read it because of its intriguing first lines which say...
Ada seorang atlet dunia yang mengagumkan. Saat ditanya, apa rahasia terbesarnya hingga dia berkali-kali memecahkan rekor dunia? Jawabannya pendek: saya bertanding melawan diri sendiri, saya berusaha terus menerus mengalahkan diri sendiri. 
There was an amazing world's athlete. When being asked, what is the biggest secret until he repeatedly broke the world record? His answer was short: I competed against myself, I am constantly trying to outdo my own self.
The writing outlines the idea on how to reach our life at its best, and surely at the end, it leads to the idea on how these singles can get their own best life companion. Feelings are changing endlessly, sometimes I am slumped with my own state of mind. It starts when I compare my own life to the others whom I seen have better life than mine. After reading some events or writings about others, naturally human can't ever feel satisfied with their own selves. This is the challenge that we must be able to overcome by building our attitude towards them. Yes, attitude can not build in just one night. We need our perseverance to stand stil in this tough kind of world. 

Today I had a great day. A formula to have a great day is simply to cope with the time we have. It's a blessing that Islam teaches us on how to deal with the timing. Yes, it starts with the obligation to do five time prayers a day. Personally, I always feel the day at its best when I'm being the early bird. Being an early bird never fails, and another recipe that never fails is when we're able to preserve the daily prayers. Walhamdulillāh, wa syukurillāh

I went to college today because I had a schedule for the short program I joined in. Stupidly, it's already a mid-term exam week which I didn't realize. So, there were no class. Bam. At first I felt that I had wasted my time, but I can switch my mood simply because of enjoying the book I currently read: Diary of a Young Girl. On the way back home, I also visited my brother who was sick and stayed in my grandma's house. While I was walking, I saw a modest old man who fell off from his broken plastic chair. At first I was shocked and felt so pity on him. But then I heard a little laugh, and he laughed so blissfuly too. Probably it's his grandchild who laughed at him. Then again, with a flash—my feeling changed into the outburst of happiness. They don't know how that event I saw, and their laughter I heard can put me into a such happy feeling. What a priceless moment I'm truly thankful for.

When I arrived at my grandma's house, my brother has been taken care so well, and he also had recovered from the illness. Alhamdulillāh. I also had some chats with my aunt and my grandma whom I missed a lot. After visiting my brother, I continued the day by picking up my sister and her son (Zen) who stayed at her mother in law's house. I also met the other cute kids who are Zen's cousins. They're so adorable. After that, we had a day-to-night out at PVJ, and also had iftar there. Here's what I wore:       
Fashion Formula:
Stripey shirt + Navy blue cardigan + Black maxi skirt + Navy blue socks + Yellow flat shoes + Navy blue scarf + Danar Hadi batik printed bag
New in my wardrobe!
Zara glass | Aldo baseball cap

I've been ignoring fashion trends lately, so when I arrived to some fashion stores, I only looked up to things that really attracted me. And I've always been more interested to see the accessories sector. But when I was at Mango, I found a very very cool knitted cardigan that caught my attention. Too bad, they're too pricey for me although the price had already got discounted. Finally found these two pieces I can't resist.     
I'm a jolly kind of girl but also can be serious at times
styling my sister, Wina. She's an interior design-graduated. And I felt this look really represents a kind of smart styled interior designer, isn't it?

I've been playing with watercolour lately. Whereas, I didn't use this media pretty much since it's impractical for me. I started to paint because I had an over copy reading material from previous semester, and I just want to utilize the papers. Suddenly, I just came off to the idea to use the back of the paper and paint it with watercolour. I opened back my box and got this watercolour belonged to kak Wina, most of them have got stiffen, but I still can use them tough. After creating some absurd paintings, I scanned the paper and mix them up with my photoworks. Voila! I'm so addicted to it. I just love the texture of watercolour. 

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