90s Prada

Fashion Formula:
Custom made shirt + Camel-coloured cardigan + Flared printer trousers + Navy blue scarf + Glasses + Batik cltuch + Brown Converse  
Actually,  when I tried to mix this outfit, I was sort of perfunctory picking these clothes up because I was already waited by my mother and sister who had been ready earlier. The key piece of this outfit was my flared printer trousers because it's comfy for a day out. Then again, the white shirt has always been my saviour. It always helps me on lazy hazy days for dressing up. So, I picked this shirt with my favourite illustration on it. It's from "Fight Club" fashion editorial in Vogue US September 2006 issue. It's called:
Pins and Needles; as one of kawakubo's friends and spiritual disciples, Jun Takahashi at Undercover isn't afraid to tread close to taboos. here, a dangerous looking white canvas hood is punctuated with fetishistic pins. 
Photographed by Irving Penn with fashion editor Phyllis Posnick. It's such an everlasting editorial. I've never been bored to enjoy seeing through that section. So after picking my shirt, I picked the camel-coloured cardigan just to create a 'lighter' look.  

Because I was in hurry, I only picked this clutch and a navy blue scarf to resemble the colour on my clutch. The scarf itself was only wounded loosely. I wore this glasses and put on my raisin rage lipstick for finishing touches. I just simply have been a fan of dark-red lipsticks since I was in junior high school! *what a weirdo*    

Glasses on and off 
Rochas Fall 2012 RTW
When I looked thorugh my fashion inspirations on my file, I found this Rochas' collection which I thought has similar 'feeling' with my outfit I wore today! the prints, the warm feeling, and surely the make up too. The collection itself was described as "certain disregard for quiet good taste" by Marco Zanini, the man behind Rochas. The reviewer, Nicole Phelps also seen the 'ugly' prints as  the crowd of nineties Prada, when Miuccia herself was taking a closer look at the seventies. 

Had iftar at Warung Talaga, Ciwalk

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