My family has just got an obituary last Monday. My eldest sister must passed through a miscarriage for her first daughter who had been borne for seven months. She was baby Illona Artanaya Kinandari. I know that every sad news will bring anyone into grief. But surely, the mischance happened only by the will of Allāh Swt. Allāh Swt surely will never let us 'down' as long as we're given life by Him in this world. His lessons are meant to make us be fully grown. It depends on us, on how we work on every situation we are in. The best movement either in good or bad situations is the movement that brings us closer towards Allāh Swt.

I saw her, my pretty niece.. masha Allāh. She looked like my sister a lot. I've heard that any baby who has given the 'spirit' by Allāh Swt, and they died while they were still pure, in shaa Allāh.. they will be put around Allāh Swt in the hereafter. May baby Illona be placed in heaven, ya Rabb..  Even though we haven't met in this dunya, hopefully we all, as one ummah be placed in the shade of Allāh Swt. Aamiin!

Every obituary of close family or relatives has always been successfully warn me that we will pass away too. 
Oh Allāh.. this world is just a short phase for us to pass.. But why do I get attached so much to it? Astaghfirullāh, please Guide us with your Guidance, Guide us to Your Light, to the right way.. 
Now, my sister is bed-rested at the hospital. Ya Allāh, please Give us Your tranquility in our remembrances of You.. Please give the strength for my brother and sister; Ari Widodo and Citra Anzib after passed this test from You, may the hurt that they felt will shed their sins and make this test as a purifying to come back to You. And may baby Illona Artananya Kinandari.. :') be placed beside You, and may she pick her parents up in the hereafter. Aamiin, please send your prayer or du'a too ^_^ Jazaakuma Allaahu khayran. 

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