Dream Outfit // 48

Fashion Formula:
Topshop dino tee by tee cake dinosaur t-shirt + Hache Blazer + A-Line Maxi-Skirt + Marni Printed PVC tote + Denis Colomb Ring Shawl + Nike Air Vortex LTR

This is my 48th dream outfit formulated in my polyvore. I feel like this one is sort of different than others. It's simple, and I feel like these pieces could be easily found in some places around me which means those pieces don't have to be exactly the same things like on this set. I've told here on my previous post that I currently into white shirts. And this! I've never seen it in topshop store here actually, but the shirt's print is so adorable, isn't it? Because I used to be interested in dinosaurs. I also kinda need white skirt, and this one which I found on polyvore seemed to be nice! I hope I can find one white skirt, one day. Marni is a genious label for making graphic prints, the tote has the 'fresh and young' feeling! I've just found that scarf by the way, I'm liking the blue! The colour scheme of this outfit also puts 'smiley faces' on me! Yeah, you know.. women are created to be physiologically more attracted to colours and have the ability to see much more different colours than men. And the last but not the least are the nikes! I've been mixing some sets on my polyvore with this footwear. The shoes are completing a such comfortable look. That's why I post this set here :).

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