Yesterday, I've just got back from Banda Aceh. I had a sort of tiring journey last day because I had prepared since 3:30 am to catch the morning flight on 6 am. My papa, little brother and I also had to transit for about 25 minuetes at Medan. After that Alhamdulillāh, we're arrived on Jakarta at 10.30 am. Then, we continued going to Bandung at 11am. From Jakarta, it took six hours to Bandung. It usually takes two hours or more if the traffic wasn't as jammed as yesterday. Well, as I have experienced on my latest trip; the shorter distance journey from town to another town in Java island is more tiring than moving from Sumatra island to Java island. Traffic Jam in the Java's downtowns have been a serious problem. Especially in our capital city; Jakarta. Hopefully, in the near future this problem can be solved. Ok, enough with the traffic things. I had an amazing week at Banda Aceh. I already feel like missing everything about Aceh now. I do. After I finished my last Jogja trip, in shaa Allāh I'll continue to make the Aceh trip posts.  

Today, My family and I gathered for lunch to welcome Ramadhan (In shaa Allāh, Please convey us to reach the holy month ya Rabb). There were my mom, my grandmother, my sisters and surely their husbands (my brothers in law), my little brother, and my incredibly cute nephew. Here are some snaps of us:   
Photo taken by Citra's husband
From left to right: My elder sister; Wina, eldest sister; Citra, mom and her sweetheart grandson; Zen, me, and my sweet granny.

Photo taken by my little brother; Haikal!
From left to right: Ibid.
Here we go! our little reporter with his new hobby: handycamming.
He worn Aceh! shirt from Mr. Piyoh store. They have nice stuffs there.
Left: photo taken by Haikal.
Right: My sister with her son! They look very cute in pair. I sometime went crazy seeing him. I. can't. stand. seeing. cute. babies. Masha Allāh! (p.s. Zen turned 1 last Thursday. Alhamdulillāh..)
A baby trying to ride the 'BIG' bike.
Zen is totally attracted to his granny! he wanted to push me away.
 Wina  -  Mila  -  Citra 
The sisters came in three.
 ♡♡♡ Love them lots ♡♡♡ 
I happen to read a poem entitled: Three Sister's! Sweet :')
Fashion Formula:
Gap orange shirt + Dorothy Perkins purple cardigan + Black maxi skirt + Nike sneakers + Green Prada nylon tote + Birdies print scarf from a hijab exhibition. 
I bought this scarf with Nisa. We couldn't resist its overrated cute print! masha Allāh. If I'm not mistaken, the name of bird which is printed on the scarf is Orange-chinned Parakeet. Its scientific name is Brotogeris jugularis. Size: 7 to 7.2 inches. Native Region: Southern Mexico, south through Central America into South America. Life Expectancy: Up to 15 years. Noise Level: Moderate; loud at times. Talk/Trick Ability: Good. (source) (more about orange chinned parakeet)

The bird on the print may not look exactly the same like the one shown on the picture, but from its beak, it's a parakeet breed. I wish I knew more about these animals! ♡ 

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