Glittery Sweater

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Tribal-Printed Hijab, Secondhand Sweater, Mango Jeans, Mango Belt, Green Prada Nylon Tote, Green Converse
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This look was inspired from:
(basically I just got the sweater :P)
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Dries Van Noten's Spring Summer 2011 Collection!
  • Shiny sweater
  • Clean wide-legged trousers (I should get one pair of it!)
  • Holographic thin belt
  • Printed silk outerwear
Alright, I might be really late knowing this fantastic collection that was held around September 2010, but I was just amazed seeing every pieces that were shown there. As a post I read on tumblr:
You know that feeling you get when someone else understands you? That’s the feeling I get from Dries Van Noten and his designs. His clothes embody that classic sportswear prep with a hint of casual edge, & when I say edge I don’t mean leather pants and studs, (Even though I’ve soo been needing a pair of leather pants in my closet) but edge in the sense that it’s understated, easy and personal. Dries and his design really do embody who I am. & it’s extremely comforting when you find a designer who connects with you on a level thats more than just by their designs.
- gonegonetonyc
I really can't agree more about Dries van Noten as commented on that post. His collections have never failed to impress me. There will be his design that I wish I could be wearing, by trying to interpret the look since I can't afford buying his pieces.

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