I Wish I was a Good Writer

This Friday, I had a photoshoot featuring my latest D.I.Y pencil crown. I've always wanted to be a good writer. But there still a lot of path to reach that one goal of mine.

Why I chose pencil as the crown? Because, I see pencil as one of the magical thing in this world. Pencil is also one of many tools to pour our feelings, imaginations, ideas, thoughts, and creations onto papers. Pencils could give huge impact for those who use it to write, or draw. Unlike pens, pencil's scratch can be erased; correcting some mistakes we have made.

But what I am certain about is that reading is one crucial activity which gives us bigger impact to be better at writing. Beside practise to write over and over again, reading is one of the undeniable activity to improve our writing skill.

Since I'm just an average writer who is trying to improve my own writing skill, I would like to feel like a "Writing Queen" even just for a day! haha... poor me!

I have planned to make this photoshoot themed "I Wish I was a Good Writer" since August 2010. I wanted to feature the pencil crown and I told this plan to my friends. I had no instinct that they would give me a stack of colourful pencils for my last birthday gift. Without them, my plan to make it wouldn't have been realized until this day. Thank you so much Lestari, Annisa, Hasna, Melinda, and Chindy! I love you all guys so much...

And actually, the pencil crown is still unfinished. But I couldn't wait to see it on my photos! I guess I gotta work on it later! So, here are the results...

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Seeking Inspirations
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Peace Out!
(excuse for my un-peace-y face!)

Fashion Formula:
Blue Stripey Shirt + Black Maxi Skirt + Fuschia Shoe Ties (tied on my wrists) + Fuschia Socks + Aerosoles Black Wedges + Nude tulle hijab + D.I.Y Pencil Crown

for more photos: here

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