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If you are also a 'Fashion Bloggers' TV series lover like me, you will be familiar with the title of this post! Yes, it's the title of Fashion Bloggers' S01E02. So, this post is inspired by that episode where Sara and Zanita had a casual street style photoshoot together around the town. And I thought.. It must be really fun to do a shoot together with another fellow blogger, or with your best friend! Then, I saw this post on Topshop Indonesia's Instagram:

Isn't it so cute, to have a shoot with your bestie in your matching items? So I tagged my bestie Hasna soon I saw it because we have multiple matching items, but not denim jackets (yet). And recently, I saw this post from Harper and Harley's Instagram:
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(love that caption!) I guess, denim jackets are currently on the hype, and a classic denim jacket is one timeless piece... So, it's definitely one of items you need to keep in your wardrobe. It is casually stylish, yet can be styled into various styles: either to dress it down or dress it up.

But we decided to pick our casual style on our own with our matching items: the black boots which we bought together at H&M. Then, off we went to the nearest park in our town. Accidentally, Hasna's younger brother had to join us so, we got helped by him for some of our shots. The ideas for this photoshoot are:
  • besties' matching items
  • casual look inspiration
  • light and simple makeup
  • fun activity to do with your bestie!

Hasna's First Look
Fashion Formula: 
Fringe top + Versatile maxi skirt (can be worn as a dress, or a skirt, with some hidden buttons so you can create different silhouette) + H&M black boots
Swirl, swirl your skirt!
There are conversations between Hasna and I where each one of us hasn't told in detail at the beginning but, mostly we both understand where would that conversations go. And I believe, a bond like this can be built through a constant relation -or- when they are not in touch, both parties are in a state of respecting each other endlessly. 
A best friend won't let you do stupid things... 
Hasna's Second Look
Fashion Formula:
White sleeveless blouse + H&M gray cotton skirt + H&M black boots + Stradivarius fedora hat
Mila's Look
Fashion Formula:
Universita Roma t-shirt + thrifted gray maxi skirt + Massimo Dutti cropped denim jacket + navy blue scarf from AlishaZara black sling bag / canvas tote bag + H&M black boots

"Don't be afraid to dream big" 
- your music storyteller, Marv & Meriel -
Got this tote bag at Marv & Meriel's album release show on June this year. They have several different positive quotes on their totes. Isn't it cool, when something we wear also has the function to spread positivity, at least for ourselves? Because mind matters, we need to inject ourselves with positive thoughts in order to achieve greater things!  
When taking selfies on mobile phone's front cam, for that day I felt looking (a bit) like one of the most beautiful persons I knew through Instagram, the adorable Malaysian girl named Yusra. Well, not exactly the same, I know, just in a short glance, haha! In comparison, she's absolutely way more beautiful, flawless, yet has that soothing smile. But that doesn't mean I don't feel grateful any less. I am grateful the way I am; with acnes and its scars, the increasing mole pigmentations, and so forth. But I still have to take a better care for my skin, especially that it's so acne prone at the moment.
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Till then,


Taken on: Wednesday, 22nd July 2015
Location: Taman Pustaka Bunga Kandaga Puspa, Bandung 

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