A Come Back!

After almost a year with the absence of blogging, hereby I present myself (again) on this personal blog page of mine with so much gladness, and a renewed energy. The month of October in 2014 has eventually became the time for me to rise up, and begin to execute numerous plans for this blog after I had to collect back my blogging spirit—due to some trials I had to pass: one crashed external hard disk and the loss of some important files, including the projects I was planning for this blog. 

This is a fresh restart, and hopefully I can manage myself to be able to constantly be involved in this creative world, and keep on 'the move'. I shall begin this with:
Bismi-llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm, in the name of Allāh most gracious most merciful.

As-salāmu alaykum
peace be upon you.

Behind all this invisibility from the blog throughout the year, I actually did not neglect the blog nor trying to stop blogging. It is rather because: I have been trying to improve the content, and plan to make quality posts. And surely, it does take some time. I am not giving up blogging already because, I have been dreaming to work on my blog pretending that I'm actually working as an editor-in-chief for a *personal* magazine.

For some that have noticed, I separated my instagram accounts; one is for my personal life, and the other one is for my work's gallery. I firstly named the account @colourmefuchsia. But then, I changed it to (because.. then again, I'm separating it from my so-called 'online shop'). So, around February/March this year, I posted this screenshot of my Microsoft Word's to-do-list on my instagram:
with caption:
The three pages long to-do-list for this blog.. I am terribly missed to be back blogging again. There are many activities from, and outside university which overwhelm me. To blog needs a lot of time since I would like to improve making quality posts. Another reason I've been off is that — I have a deficient time management. I am still learning to work out on this. Well, well, I hope to be back on this blog soon, in syā Allāh. {& please keep this ummah in our duaa}
There was nothing wrong with my external HD at that time. I typed down the list in order to make punctual posts. I tried to list down the posts based on the timing. And that was one of a 'work'! Not just about the post, I also typed down on what to work on this blog such as some pages I got to make, editing the layout, be more active within the blogger community, etc. 

So, I placed most of my files on that external HD. There was one of the most important folder named 'Colour Me Fuchsia'. That folder is the place where I put all the projects related to this blog. Here are some leaks. There were three things which disappoint me the most:
  1. The Hijabify Project: a project I did for my family and some of my closest friends who haven't worn the hijab (yet). I styled them with hijab for different occasions based on their personality, and photographed them. That was one of the most exciting projects! 
  2. My first time experience attending an actual 'Fashion Week' to Jakarta Fashion Week. Alhamdulillāh, I had the opportunity to watch kak Norma Hauri, Nabilla Ayumi, and Fitri Aulia's fashion show. I got the invitation by reposting the picture on instagram, with a statement why would I watch their show. I had the pictures, and planned to write the review here..  
  3. My very first interview with one of my favourite fellow bloggers, the twin sisters from Morocco behind the genius blog: Under A Veil. I actually have typed some lines for the introduction, and what I think about them. But Alhamdulillāh, we were corresponding through email, so I still have their answers in my inbox.
  4. Some photoshoot projects I did with my friends.
  5. etc. 
One day, I had my laptop on with my external HD attached. When the laptop was ran out battery, the laptop automatically got shut down. And surely, the external HD was not ejected properly. It was my fault that I had it not ejected properly most of the accidental times. Maybe that's why it is crashed. Every files didn't disappear completely, by the will of Allāh, I had the chance to save all of my university-related folders. Everything went slow everytime I opened the drive. When I entered my mid-year holiday, I had hope that I maybe I could copy my 'Colour Me Fuchsia' folder. 

It was one moment that worth a thunderbolt backsound. I found that the folder was just disappearing...
yep, it suddenly disappeared out of nowhere. 

Wouldn't lie that it turned out into domino effect. My external HD got crashed, so did my spirit of blogging. It wasn't my first time experience having my external HD got crashed. This was truly one lesson for anyone, and importantly for me to eject the external HD properly (even the last time was accidental), and at least copy some important files to your own email, or another Hard Disk or Flash Disk.

Hopefully, from now on.. I can put effort as much as possible, to work on my plans into realization with all the resource that I have, in syā Allāh. And one more, I present you my little experiment making a 'quite' fashion video:       

I fell in love with this Miu Miu Eyewear Collection 2014 campaign on the first sight! and I was inspired to do this kind of video (which is fail), since I am not so familiar with videography. Luckily, iMovie is quite easy to operate on your own, so it's better to make an attempt rather than quit trying. If you noticed, the scenes are pretty symbolic related to this return. I am not trying to exaggerate that this 'come back' is a big thing, no, no. It is just the expression of me being excited to be back again! Here are some of my  fuchsia  moments:   
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
― Winston S. Churchill
“Self-control is the chief element in self-respect, and self-respect is the chief element in courage.”
― Thucydides, The History of the Peloponnesian War
Fashion Formula:
Fuchsia scarf from AlishaM&S fuchsia long sleeved shirt + Topshop black cropped vest + thrifted black flare skirt from Pasar Minggu Gasibu + Minicci black socks from payless + MMM x H&M black lucite wedges 

  • Basmalla calligraphy by Ali Hüsrevoğlu (via pinterest)


  1. Alhamdulilah!! Glad your back, and this happens to be the first time I am reading your blog. I blogged for a few years, and tapered off then stopped blogging because I had too much going on and blogging became more of a chore and not something I was excited about like in previous years. After a long break I decided I missed blogging and it's very beneficial! I just recently came back into the blogosphere to write, and also read more blogs just a few days ago in fact. I am so happy I found yours!!

    1. Alhamdulillāh, that Allāh has let us met through this media, sister Gabby :)

      Ma syā Allāh, we pretty much have the same experience! I just found my own benefit from this come back, Alhamdulillāh! I can meet you, so I am able to widen the silaturrahim in syā Allāh. Hopefully what we do through blogging or just being back into this blogsphere can lead us to many many more benefits, in syā Allāh.

      Take care sis! thank you for dropping by your warm welcome :) Xx