Turning Nineteen

So, the last two days was my birthday. Alhamdulillāh, Allāh had given me a chance to have passed my eighteenth year. I'm really grateful with every lessons I get throughout my life. Hopefully I'll also get better at learning life itself. It's like, hopefully.. on the end I would say, "Alhamdulillāh, lessons learned", and get the benefits for myself and for my surroundings also. Nineteen, is the number what BC calendar has measured me. Nineteen, what a number! I just tend to like uneven number. When people congratulate and sent prayers or wishes for me on my birthday, I just can not equal my gratitudes to Allāh's blessings. Truly, we couldn't feel so much blessed without His Mercy. Allāhuakbar! All connections throughout words sent from family and friends have turned my thought to my:
Terimakasih sudah melahirkan aku mama, mama.. walaupun mama ga suka mengakses internet apalagi berkunjung ke blog Mila, dari lubuk hati yang dalam, aku sangat berterima kasih kepadamu karena engkaulah yang melahirkan aku ke dunia ini, karena engkaulah wujud ini ada, dirawat, disayang, dididik, dimanja, dilindungi olehmu.. Hingga aku berdiri dan berjalan, mengerti dan belajar, mengamati dan mengenal, dan kini aku dapat mengenal Allāh dan segala kekuasaan, dan keagunganNya. Meski aku belum bertemu dengan 'Cahaya di atas cahaya'-Nya.. Namun, doakan aku untuk mencapai impianku tersebut. Kini, aku juga bisa mengenal keluargaku, teman-temanku, masha Allāh. Begitu beruntungnya aku bisa mengenal kalian semua.. Aku benar-benar berharap kita semua bisa dapat bersatu sebagai umatNya, yang bisa saling mengingati dan mengingati satu sama lain tentang Allāh. Sama-sama berjuang mengarungi kehidupan dunia dengan tekad untuk menegakkan Dien Allāh, dan mencapai Jannah-Nya. Insha Allāh. Mama, kau lah makhlukNya yang terdekat dengan ku dan engkaulah yang berikan aku kehidupan. Mama, aku sayang padamu mama.. Ya Allāh, berikanlah mamaku kesejahteraan, ketentraman hati di dunia ini sehingga dapat menghantarkannya ke surga-Mu ya Allāh. Mama, terimakasih.. Aku yakin Allāh akan membalas amal ibadahmu dengan setimpal. Semoga hubungan kita semua pun dapat berlanjut hingga akhirat. Aamiin.

My dear friend Nisa also made and made a beautiful post on our blog with some artful creations of hers. I really appreciate that! She's such a wonderful girl who has been with me for such a long time.. and her words are just so true..


The best thing
about welcoming
each other's Birthdays

as friends


we grow old together.
We have been arms-in arms
with where life
has brought us
until now,
what life has to offer for the future.


And she also made me some of these:
It's a bird shape with my picture collage! :3
She actually made me some of this with various language sayings.
Creative! :D
Haha! this is the truest truth. 
 >>> Bird Girl <<< 
I am such a fan of this Allāh creation.
Masha Allāh.
I also got an unexpected arrival of my high school chums! they are Annisa, Lestari, and Hasna, but less Melinda. We are up to our own activities by now and not communicating with each other as often as we used to.. But, that doesn't estrange each other, insha Allāh. Thank you for you girls, to have managed the whole stuff and we're finally met again. It's nice knowing that the three of you were the ones who knocked at the door in that afternoon while I was home alone (you know, i'm sort of a panicky person when someone out there is knocking back at the door while I am alone, home-wear clothed, and have no idea who's out there). Their arrival was actually not so long after I've got home from my Bahasa Indonesia final examination at uni.  Thank you girlies! 
This is my nephew, Zen. He's also congratulating me! haha~ my sister; Wina is really a fun person. She sometime made some conversations between me and Zen. As if they were what truly Zen has said. It's cute anyway, sometimes she sends me this encouraging messages with Zen's picture on it. I've always been happy seeing Zen's picture. He's an adorable creature with an overrated cuteness level. I. Just. Don't. Understand. How. babies were created so cuteeee! Nothing could be said but Allāhuakbar!!! Babies, oh babies.. they're just too cute too be true. Alhamdulillāh for their existence. 

But basically what I would like to say is: Jazaakuma Allaahu khayran for my dear family and friends for your care, May Allaah reward you. ☺♥

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