Monologuing on late Friday night

Today should be the last day of final examination. But no, on Monday.. awaits one more course's examination. It's 'Hukum Indonesia' course. My mind has been floating to holiday time since last week we have this long weekend in Indonesia. Haha~ Now I really need to prepare on my plans for this holiday. But why am I getting to be clueless on what to do when holiday is getting nearer? weirdness. But Alhamdulillāh the month of relieve is getting nearer, soon. Please, Mila. This will be the right time to think carefully for the next steps. Ya Allāh.. I really need Your Guidance for everything. Please guide me   in every step I take. Tomorrow I'm going to attend my high school's event and met some friends, and.. next Tuesday, I'm going to follow my mother to Cirebon, insha Allāh.. But there's one more harassing thing that needs to be cleared. La ḥawla wa la quwwata illa billah,There is no initiative or capability except from Allah.

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