Brown Brows

One day, I saw one of my girl friends looked totally different. I was wondering what was so different about her face whereas she didn't wear any heavy make up or something so eye catching. Oh, then I realized that she got her eyebrows plucked. Since that moment, I realized that the shape of our eyebrows has the ability to frame our face. A friend of mine who is also a makeup guru said that makeup around the eye area is the most important part that gives the 'whole' look.

Since I don't do any eyebrows plucking, I wanted to give a try experimenting with the eyebrow colouring brush. Luckily, I have a college friend; Ellysee who sells original Etude House products with cheaper price! So, I bought the Color My Brows product number 2. I chose the light coloured one because my eyebrows are dark, thick & bushy already. This one blends perfectly with my eyebrows because it lighten up but not too striking.   

The eyebrows kit
I don't understand Korean but surely the illustration is an understandable universal language
Ellysee also gave me a sample of the Skin [mal:gem] Malgeum product. Inside this box there are smoother, deep moist, soft cotton, and clear cotton. Malgeum is a korean word for cleanness, clarity, and pureness. For further review, you can check this post, and this post. I honestly haven't tried it myself. 

If you live in Indonesia, and use—or—would like to try using Etude House products, I recommend you guys to buy some from Etude House Yummy online shop. Do check it out, girls! ;) 
I love how these brown brows gave me a 'lighter' look on the eye area because I wore a purple lipstick which rather 'heavy'. In my makeup formula, I would go heavy only on one side; either it on the eye area or the lips area, and not going heavy on both sides for the daily makeup. I've been a fan of dark-coloured lips since I was in junior high school. I was influenced by the look on Prada Fall 2006 makeup and I've adored dark red, purple lips ever since.

On this board, you can see my fascination over purple lips. I've been searching for purple lipsticks with reasonable price and finally found it at H&M store in Amsterdam—but it was left behind before I bring it back to Indonesia. Then I found Rimmel's Lasting Finish lipstick by Kate Moss number 04 in an online shop. I felt like I can't miss it anymore since it's so hard to find purple lipstick around here.. And when Maybelline also released the limited edition purple lipsticks & gloss, they didn't come to Indonesia. But Alhamdulillāh! recently, The Body Shop released a new makeup collection with various lipstick colours. The purple one named Colour Crush, number 240. I was ecstatic the first time I found this out.
Firstly, I applied energy water skin lotion from Za, and then moisturizer with sunscreen before applying these makeup. The following products are explained in sequence based on the usage:
  1. Revlon powdery foundation - Bisque 05
  2. NYX concealer
  3. Za white eye liners (applied under the eyes)
  4. The Body Shop mascara
  5. The Body Shop colour crush lipstick (#240)
  6. Rimmel by Kate Moss (#04)
++ Wishing you all a lovely day! ++

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