Printing the Dreams

"I want to print those prada heels somewhere on my canvas/nylon tote or shirt since I can't afford 'em. They'll be my forever obsession~" Me, one year ago.
Dream Outfit // 29

I've always wanted to do my own print, but I don't know where to find my own transfer paper since I only googled them, and they're only available overseas. When I finally found it in this country, I was really glad to start my own dream to print my favourite images on wearable surfaces! So, here's my first project. Printing one of my most favourite image -- ever -- from Vogue US September 2006 issue.
(Pics from 28th January 2013)

 Here's some tips if you want to make your own:
  1. Buy the transfer paper at electronic store in a shop where they sell papers or printing-related things. I bought mine at Mangga Dua. Make sure you picked the paper for the dark fabric because the result is much better than the paper for the white fabric. The price for each paper is 15.000 IDR.
  2. The size of the paper is A4, and the printer available at most of house can only print the A4 sized paper, sooo... yeah, we can't print any bigger than it. But you also can make bigger size than A4 but it's quite tricky. You have to separate the image into parts, print, and then you connect those pieces just like puzzle.
  3. For my first experience, I select some images I want to print. Then, for the pin and needles image, I cut the background out on photoshop. After that, I drag the image into new A4 sized canvas. For the empty spaces, I put some 'backgroundless' images on it in order to not wasting the paper. The other images are put on my next project: the journal canvas bag.
  4. Wait for some minutes after the image is printed because the fresh printed image can be easily got  scratched.
  5. Actually, the Pins and Needless image isn't that yellowish. I made it so because *stupidly* when the first time I ironed it on my shirt, I forgot to peel off the paper! (If you buy a pack of the paper, you will get the basic steps on how to apply it).      
The details of my printed canvas bag: 
The concept of my bag is actually a wearable 'private journal' where we can put some of our dreams, and aspirations there. Sometimes we like to collect the things we love, and put them on our book just to visualize the wishes within. But now, we can use different medias such as shirt, or canvas bag to express our inner tiny part inside ourselves using these transfer papers! :)   
Oh, hi there, dream shoes!  
One of my favourite quotes from Haruki Murakami's South of the Border, West of the Sun
using snowman marker -- totally not recommended -- because it fades away when it's exposed to rain. 
This painting was a love at first sight. The expression, the gesture of this Georgian princess took me down into a deep thinking of the character, and the life of this princess. Wondering how long she had to pose for Alexej Alexejewitsch Harlamoff to paint her. Why did she give that stare? but her stare is magnificent. I love the clothes and the hat she wears. My sister told that she looked a bit like me (haha okay, must be just at cursory). So then, I decided to put this on my bag.

What a sloppy girl I am! When I printed this out, I forgot to cancel the postponed prayer schedule I'd like to print. Because the paper is pretty expensive, I just keep printing this painting on the same paper. The white scratches are the parts I ironed inadvertently. (Be careful while ironing!) 
When you don't iron long enough, it would get curled on the tip of the image. But you can iron it back. 
Iqra'! -- Read! In the name of your Lord who created (Q.S. 96:1) 
Example for the print I use on paper for white fabric. -- this bag is sold to my friend --

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