My order (below) just arrived today, so I'm making this post about my current storages for my stuff!
It's an envelope orange lucite clutch which came from my friend's label Stoffe. It fits my daily saviors which include a wallet, an iPod, a phone, an earphone, and a beng-beng (my current favourite chocolate wafer snack).   
A yellow neon jelly pouch which I usually use to contain my stuff like on the picture above, but without the wallet, and the beng-beng.
I had this pink lucite pencil case since I was in high school. I've been loving lucite stuffs since forever! Any form of lucite has been catching my eyes. I've been using this pencil case for something else, but when I found it again, it's useful to contain many stuff! I currently like to use coloured pens and they fit prettily in there. I also can put my "Parahyang International Relation" pin on the net inside it.  
I also have this WATER STORAGE (tumbler) since I was in high school. It's because of the environmental education I had there. I really got the benefit from it because it has helped me to be more aware for our environment. My teacher taught me not to use plastics in a high amount. We must to reduce our habit to use plastic. Especially when we buy bottles of drink. We better to bring our own drink with our own tumblers from home. Though I don't bring it as much as I did now, I think I want to start using this tumbler again! Let's be healthy and environmentally friendly! :)
Clear lucite storage. It contains my cute stuff which reveal my inner kid... Explained on the below picture.
These stuffs are making me happy! Those happy colours are really energizing. There are kinds of like "post-it" notes, bookmarks, animal cuts from cereal box, and two jelly bracelets I got from a friend in high school. But surely these help me to make bookmarks for some college studies. It really is a fun thing for me to stick them all! 


  1. Oww, it's reminds me when i was in school, coloured pens, fancy-cute thing, and bengbeng! Bengbeng is my favorite too.. Do you know that it's also dad's fave snack? I guess it's 'infected' to us. Hehehehe..

    1. Yeah, cute stationaries somehow can boost our eagerness to 'write', aren't they? :D
      haha I think I remember you told me that.. But, I didn't realize that much whether you and dad were favouriting bengbeng! Well, you're a big fan of chocolate for sure :D but OMG! I realized how delicious bengbeng is just now! Maybe our genetics were formed to like bengbeng.. haha! I even had bought two boxes of bengbeng (there are 25 of it in a box) in just one month!

    2. hahaha.. ure a bengbeng monster!