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Okay, I know.. what an odd intro from this post. But the thing is that, I am currently going to end my teenage years in few days. From thirteen all the way through nineteen, I feel a great gratitude towards Allāh SWT for giving me this experience to live until this time. Although number is just a symbolic matter, I can actually come into a realization that number does give the warning. Time is one of the simplest measurement for us to be more aware of our own beings as a human being. In syā Allāh, if Allāh permits, I also will turn 20 this month, which means.. it's the first time for me to; say goodbye to my teenage years; become 'berkepala dua', as Indonesians would say (two-headed—which means your age is started with the number 2, and followed by another number—and this year, I'm starting it with a zero!, in syā Allāh); to get new experiences outside this continent (in syā Allāh); and many more. As time is unstoppable, we are also have to keep on 'moving' in order to keep living. Being older and older is a bliss that we have to counterweigh by being more and more responsible.

Quote of the Day
“Kita akan diuji melalui apa yang kita sayangi dan dengan apa yang selalu kita katakan.” —Pahrol Muhammad Juoi (via MasGun)
Outfit of the Day

Fashion Formula
Gray long sleeves shirt + Gray thrifted maxi skirt + Lilac chiffon blazer from an online shop + Light brown pashmina + Lace flats shoes from Krisna, Bali + Black backpack

Styling tip
I like to mix a maxi skirt with the top based on its colour. I usually pair this gray skirt with shirts that have the same palette with the skirt. So then, it would appear like a maxi dress though they're just simply two pieces. I picked my long sleeves shirt because I'd like to put on a short-sleeved chiffon blazer to cover the shape of my body. And then, for the hijab, I picked this colour because I want to match it with my base colour flat shoes which is nude. For the pick of the bag, I picked this black bag in order to harmonize the black lace on my shoes.

Now Reading
start from upper left: Catatan Pinggir by Goenawan Mohamad | utilizing my money for paying my angkot as a bookmark | an incredible introduction: Eksperimen Seorang Penyair or Experiment of a Poet  by Ignas Kleden | a two page illustration "Silent Night Holnight" inside the book

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