Jovial March

Assalamu'alaikum all beautiful ladies! How are you guys doing? I'm really hoping we'll always be grateful to Allaah's countless blessings, and so forth. Keep your spirit on! College has been going pretty much well, and I've just finished my mid term examination yesterday. There are so many things I'd like to share here, insha Allaah. 
Today, Hutri made a visit to home and we had a fun photoshoot. Our style were inspired by the Marni's style aesthetic, tribalism, and kak Aishah Amin's family & herself ❤ It was pretty much random, but I happen to like the colour combinations! 
Hutri's Fashion Formula:
Custom made buttons up + Hutri's blue cardigan + Maroon maxi skirt (from pasar baru) + Maysaa cream chiffon scarf snood + Accessorize earrings + Charles & Keith white heels 

My Fashion Formula:
Thrifted lace dress + Black extra long sleeves + Black maxi skirt (from pasar baru)+ Thrifted waist belt + Lavender chiffon semi-blazer + Turquoise pashmina + New Look earrings + Fioni blue pumps 

Hoping everyone's having wonderful times!
Wassalamu'alaikum ^_^

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